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Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine Review

If you own guns and worry about the costs of ammunition these days, it is time that you consider investing in a quality reloading press. You might expect the reloading process to be difficult but the truth is that the learning curve is minimal and if you purchase one that is high quality, you can trust that the whole procedure will go smoothly without kinks along the way.

To get started with your search, you should read some reviews. Here is a review of the Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine.


  • Shellplate kit in the caliber your prefer and includes locator buttons, a powder funnel and shellplate
  • Powder measure with regular big (55-60 grains powder) and small (2.1-15 grains powder) powder bars
  • Priming system with big and small priming components
  • Includes 1 big and 1 small primer pickup tube
  • Low primer alarm
  • Includes 1 toolhead, 1 powder die, 1 loaded cartridge bin, and a set of regular Allen wrenches
  • Instruction manual included


When it comes to buying a reloader press, it pays to be armed with the correct knowledge about the product to guarantee that you will invest in a quality model that will rightfully fit your needs.

Reading reviews will help you go the right path. The Dillon RL550B has garnered good reviews thus far and here is what we have to say about the model.

The unit comes with 4 stages that every brass case has to undergo and will result in new bullets for future use. The initial station involves resizing the casing, taking away the used primer and positing a new one.

The new primer will prepare the brass for the subsequent stage which is the powder refill. The powder hails from the hopper and will be measured automatically by the device. This in turn will save you lots of time and make the entire procedure safe too.

The next step involves positioning the bullet on the brass. This is done by manual means: when the shell plate is loaded with the four brasses after the earlier cycle, users will have to set the ammo by pressing on the lever.

To conclude the procedure, the crimping station guarantees that the bullet is seated correctly and then releases the bullet into the tray automatically.

The unit also comes with a primer magazine which contains new primers required for the procedure. Whenever the new primers are taken away from the box, a number of them will be upturned and this is the time to make use of the pickup tube. This pickup tube is a nice device for gun owners to use so they can go through their primers with ease in the correct positioning prior to loading into the magazine.

The unit’s priming assembly can manage big and small primers since there are two pickup tubes available: one for small primers and one for the bigger items.

The RL550B also comes with a removable tool head which allows users to reload a variety of calibers with ease. The dies are fastened to the tool head and can be taken away without hassle by taking out the pins that clutch it in place and slipping it away from the structure.

This feature also gives users the ability to have preset die sets primed with the tool head. If you want, you can get additional tool heads from the company so you can get one anytime you are required to replace calibers.

The model is capable of reloading more than 160 calibers from pistols and rifles and can take on roughly 500 rounds for every hour based on the caliber. It has a durable, heavy-duty construction and is made with excellent materials.

The RL550B also comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow complete with online video guides. Lastly, it is backed by a lifetime warranty too.


One disadvantage of the product is that it is it costs a bit more compared to other similar products. You have to purchase dies individually as well. The assembly is a bit complicated for beginners too but for experienced users, the setup will offer no problems. For safety and all-around functionality, the unit requires maintenance.


The Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine is designed to offer a smooth means to reload ammo. This is an ideal product for the advanced reloaders who like working on several calibers. If you are on the lookout for a worthy press to invest on, this model is a great option.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm Review

Reloading on your own is a practice that plenty of gun owners do these days. The more serious ones are very much into it and enjoy all the steps related to the procedure.

Reloading is something that you should consider if you own guns or rifles since it has a range of benefits, among them saving a lot of money when it comes to ammo. One example of a reloading press is the Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm, which we are going to review today.


  • 7-station turret head
  • Operating handle
  • Heavy-duty cast iron frame
  • Outstanding compound linkage with positive ram stop
  • 1-inch diameter ram
  • 4-¾-inch press opening
  • Can accommodate regular 7/8-inch-14 threaded dies plus universal shell holders
  • Smart primer arm for taking in big and small primers (sold separately)


Redding’s T-7 turret press is used to load bullets and according to some experts, it’s one of the best in the industry when it comes to the turret style of reloading. This is a sizable model that packs quite a punch.

The unit in general doesn’t require much assembly: a few of its parts like the handle and locking nut should be slotted into position first before usage.

For turning the head, there is a convenient short rod with a knobbed end. All you have to do is slip it on one of the three holes provided into the turret’s border. Whenever the turret is turned, every die position clicks into position with a slight noise.

The ram handle comes with an even, 1.75-inch ball which has an ergonomic feel and the handle itself has a length of around 14 inches. The unit has a sizable compound linkage and produces a torque which offers an even stroke that can saw through bigger cases.

The unit has an opening of 4.75 inches with the ram possessing a 3.80-inch stroke. The 1-inch diameter ram comes with a bendable, transparent tube-shaped primer system which can be emptied if required. Furthermore, the body is composed of cast iron for durability and a heavy-duty feel.

One benefit of this unit is that it is capable of mounting a complete set of dies in a semi-permanent manner. If you want to take advantage of the most precision possible from handloads, it has the extra benefit of cataloging cases so it can put in dies in a steady method over the course of the loading procedure.

The case can be slotted into the shell holder before the sizing cycle. Gun owners can leave it there until after the seating cycle.

Following the sizing cycle, the case should be primed by the present priming arm. It is then powder-charged by means of an empty die position with the ram on top of the stroke.

Users can then position a funnel on top of the mouth of the cartridge and follow it up by pouring the powder charge. If you are systematic and consistent, you will not have any problems performing all cycles. Furthermore, taking away the cases to prime lets users tidy up the primer pocket if needed.

The unit has 7 die stations and offers sufficient room to mount dies for 2-3 caliber varieties. The heads are also exchangeable and let users utilize a number of heads with their choice dies on a lone press unit.


Users might have problems acquiring uniform primer seating due to the tight pockets for the primer even if the system is straightforward. Furthermore, the slide bar’s end was a tad too extended and this hinders the primer ram cup from falling into line with the shell holder holes.


The Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm comes with a powerful structure and has an excellent design with great construction. It comes with all metal components and is sure to last for a long period of time and provide nice ammunition reloads.

It is significantly accurate and versatile too. This will fit the needs of amateur reloaders and experienced ones alike. If you have never considered reloading your own ammunition, this is the time to try it out. With products like the Redding T-7 you will have those procedures accomplished in no time without much hassle.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Single-Stage Reload or Progressive Reload: What to Choose

Reloading presses come in a few different varieties. Those who are new to reloading often wonder which is better: single-stage vs. progressive reloading.

Due to the differences between the two kinds of reloaders, gun owners are often challenged as to what kind of unit they have to pick. To understand how these units work, please read the rest of the article.

The Single-Stage Press

The single-stage press involves a mechanical lever arm driving a case fastened into a case holder into a die. This is considered a single operation however the procedure will be based on the kind of die the user uses during the process hence it may still entail accomplishing a number of tasks.

The entire reloading procedure requires the lone die to be taken away from the press. This is followed by dies which are then slotted in succession to finalize all the reloading processes.

It is ideal for rifles or any firearm that only requires a small number of rounds. Single-stage presses are an affordable option too. Single-stage presses are usually fitted with a resizing or decapping die.

Following the resizing/decapping, all cases are kept in the reloading block which then contains 50 to 100 rounds. As soon as all of the cases have been resized or decapped, they go through the handheld primer punch and new ones will then be put inside. The primed cases will be slotted back into the reloading block.

The following procedure is normally followed by the powder method. The powder is measured by means of a powder dispenser or tickler/scales. It is put inside manually into all cases by means of a funnel.

As soon as the powder charge has been provided, the die is then mounted in the press and every round now includes its own projectile placed into the correct depth. If need be, the die is shifted with a crimp die, with every round crimped for suitability.

The Progressive Reloading Press

Next in the single-stage vs. progressive reloading press discussion we come to the workings of the latter. The progressive press maintains the stability of the die holder.

It contains all the cases by means of a revolving case holder disc which then retains the same amount of cases as there are dies contained in the die holder. In other words, the amount of die holder stations and the amount of cases contained in the holder are similar.

The cases are slotted in separately into the case holder disc. Every time the press handle is drawn, each case contained on the holder disc has a single procedure performed on it. Following this, the case holder disc is then revolved by one station either automatically or manually. Many people recommend using an automatic case feeder though to speed up the process. 

The round then drops into the bin. At every transitional station, the different procedures involved from primer removal down to crimping are then accomplished with a single lever performance. More advanced progressive reloading presses may also be capable of performing supplementary processes like case length trimming or primer pocket swaging.

What to Choose?

If you solely load for firearms that do not need a massive supply of ammunition, then you should choose a single-stage press. If you are on a tight budget you can depend on this system since as mentioned earlier, it is affordable. The single-stage press is also for you if you do not mind the time spent on the steps and if accuracy is your main priority.

The progressive press is for you if you mostly load for pistols or other kinds of weapons that require bigger amounts of ammunition. Also, if you are interested in doing things in the least amount of time, then this option will work well for you.

The progressive press is also something to consider if you have a bigger budget for a reloading press. This is also a good reloading press for gun owners who have a way with technical stuff and are fascinated with units that feature a good deal of knobs and levers.

For serious weapons enthusiasts who have the budget, you can also opt for owning more than one reloading press. This is where the discussion on the single-stage vs. progressive reloading press ends and hopefully you have acquired enough information in order to find the most suitable unit for you.

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SmartReloader Mark XVI Reloading Press Review

Lots of gun enthusiasts are more into reloading their own ammunition than buying new ones. This is a more affordable way to get ammo. Other than that, it also lets gun owners play around with their ammunition and mix and match a variety of parts until they finally acquire the best ammo for their firearms.

The one unit you have to invest in when it comes to this procedure is the reloading press. To make looking for one easier, we have put together some reviews of different reloading presses. Here is some information about the SmartReloader Mark XVI Reloading Press.


  • Single-stage press made of heavy steel material
  • Includes 1-inch ram diameter
  • Ambidextrous model
  • Comes with 2 primer arms, large and small
  • Has one spent primer collection tube
  • Capable of reloading up to 50BMG or 1-¼ inch to 12 inches threaded dies by taking away bushing
  • Has 7/8-14 inch thread on installed bushing which lets users mount standard dies


Before you venture into the whole procedure of reloading, you have to guarantee that you are willing to deal with the work involved in the process. You have to mind all the details and make safety a priority every time.

You should keep your working space clean and organized at all times so you can work on the reloads effectively without the hassles. This is essential especially if you are tackling more complicated loads.

There are three kinds of reloading presses: the single-stage, turret and progressive reloading presses. The XVI from SmartReloader is a single-stage model that has several benefits.

The single-stage reloading press is a great way for beginners to get the hang of the unit. Investing in this kind of reloader has some advantages over other models like the progressive kind. For one thing, single-stage presses are more affordable than the turret and progressive units plus help users get up to speed with all the stages that make up reloading.

By using a single-stage reloader like the XVI, beginners will get to see how each cycle works. Hence the model is a nice investment for beginners before they graduate to the more advanced turret and progressive style presses.

The single-stage press is easy to deal with. As its name suggests, the device will only perform one cycle at a time throughout the reloading procedure. The unit only requires one spot to thread the die so users will only have to do a single task.

The procedure will also involve decapping, enlarging, priming and seating the bullet. This kind of press is ideal for individuals who are not into reloading lots of rounds or are concerned with accuracy.

A single-stage model like the XVI also lets users manage the procedure in a simpler and more hassle-free manner and guarantee that quality is placed in the appropriate spot for the proper load. It is also more affordable compared to the turret and progressive units.

There are plenty of single-stage presses in the market right now, available in a selection of configurations and with different features that let users reload ammunition. Whether you want to save on ammo costs or create particular bullets for your weapons, the reloading press is a piece of equipment that the majority of shooters will consider buying at some point as part of their hobby.

All in all, single-stage presses like the XVI allow for excellent accuracy and adjustments. This press is designed to be durable and last for a long time, and will help beginners understand each cycle involved in the reloading process. It’s also more affordable compared to other kinds of reloading presses.


One disadvantage of the single-stage press is that it requires a sufficient amount of time since it can only tackle one stage at a time during the reloading process. If you want to really learn about the procedure and do not mind the time it will take to finish reloads, then a single-stage model like the XVI is for you.


Reloading is not only a cost-effective means to get your ammo, it is also an enjoyable yet practical pursuit for gun owners. It can even make obscure ammo useful again.

The whole procedure of reloading is advantageous and is a fairly affordable way to create an ammunition resource for yourself. It can also increase your firearm’s efficiency and allow you to get experimental.

With the help of a press like the SmartReloader Mark XVI Reloading Press, you will not only learn a new pursuit, you will also cut costs when it comes to ammo.

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Reasons Why You Need a Reloading Press

If you are into hunting, plinking and target shooting, the reloading press a must-have that should be added to your arsenal. The press is a device that is used to create and generate bullets and ammo by yourself.

They can be bought in specialist stores and online stores, plus it comes in a variety of types and sizes. They also range in price and are made by a number of manufacturers.

You can do a reloading press comparison if you want to purchase your own. If you love guns and own some, you should consider getting your own reloading press.

One of the reasons why you need one is that it is going to provide you with separate access to a boundless range of similar rounds. Whenever a shooter sights his firearm, it usually depends on the cartridge he uses and this cartridge has certain attributes to it. Every bullet has its own head type, powder measurement and weight.

If the gun owner has access to a reloading press, then he can generate plenty of ammo—as much as he needs and all with similar attributes. Without this device, gun owners would have to rely on their local sellers to always provide the same cartridge each time.

At times, manufacturers will also try to make improvements to their ammo or even phase out particular lines. When this takes place, gun owners would be obligated to modify their firearms again.

Another reason to get a reloading press is that it helps gun owners save on the costs of ammo and bullets. Whenever gun owners purchase bullets for their firearms at local retailers, the prices are always costly. This is due to the fact that the manufacture of ammunition is a costly process for companies.

The expenses then trickle down to the local stores for gun owners to shell out for. If you want to cut costs, you can do the reloading yourself at home. Purchasing all of the parts yourself and performing all procedures required will help you save a lot on ammunition costs.

Gun owners sometimes want to invest in quality units due to the constantly shifting political situation. There are plenty of organizations right now that are striving to control or restrict gun ownership. This results in the formation and rise of different political organizations as well. To limit firearms, these organizations often focus on weapons and ammunition manufacturers to further have an impact in the industry.

If their efforts were a success, ammo for firearms could run out and it will make the prices of such items even more expensive. If you own a reloading press, you won’t have to worry about ammunition resources since you will be able to generate your own supply.

There are varying kinds of reloading presses available now and you should look for something that meets your preferences and requirements. The unit should also fit your working space. There are three main kinds and they are the following:

Single-stage reloading press

The single-stage reloading press is simple and is a good unit for beginners. It is easy to assemble and is the most affordable type.

It requires users to perform each step individually so it will take a good amount of your time. This is why it’s a great unit for beginners since it will teach newbies how each reloading step works. Users will get to see the details of the operation and learn from it. This is also recommended for users who do not need lots of ammo.

Turret reloading press

The turret press features a number of dies fastened which can operate on a lone bullet separately and users won’t have to unscrew every die as they continue to the next cycle. This kind of press comes in two varieties: the turret that requires manual rotating and the automatic model. It is also faster compared to the single press.

Progressive reloading press

The progressive press is the fastest of the bunch and is also the most expensive. It operates on several cycles with just one pull of the lever.

It can resize, put primer, refill powder, seat ammo and crimp all at once. It needs more space due to its form and users have to deal with a number of accessories fastened on it in order to make all cycles efficient.

You can see that owning a reloading press has its advantages. These benefits range from cost management, limits in resources and constancy in terms of production.

Before making a purchase, it is suggested that you compare reloading presses first so you will get the model that will suit you the most. Ultimately, gun owners will be happy that they have invested in such a piece.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Different Kinds of Reloading Presses

The reloading press is a device that is utilized to reload firearms. When you shoot a gun or rifle, the shell case often falls down and you might utilize it once more on the following round.

Reloading is a process that is favored by many gun enthusiasts today since it allows them to save money when it comes to ammunition for their firearms. There are different kinds of reloading presses, from the single-stage to the multi-stage reloading press.

You should get the one that suits your needs and also fits the area where you will use the device.

Single-Stage Press

This is considered as the most straightforward of all reloading presses. It is capable of holding a lone die separately and usually features a significantly stiff frame. It is mostly used for reloading rifles.

The dies are bolted into the press’ opening right at the top while a shell holder is fastened into its ram. This shell holder contains the cartridge case rim. As soon as the lever is driven down the ram goes up and the die gets set up.

The priming procedure meanwhile is achieved one at a time by means of a hand priming assembly, though there are models that include priming components. This kind of press is also the slowest.

Turret Press

The turret press is the same as the single-stage press except that it is capable of holding a number of dies at once so that users can file individually from one die to another in a faster manner.

There are also models available that can index automatically so that the manual method isn’t needed anymore. This kind of press needs lots of lever strokes for every round but it can hasten the procedure by means of its indexing abilities.

The turret press is more versatile and requires minimal precision for reloading compared to the single-stage press. This one is a good beginner press for pistols and rifles.

Progressive Reloading Press

This kind is considered a multi-stage reloading press and can generate a finished round per lever cycle. The procedure is done by means of a shell plate which contains a number of cases all at the same time.

Whenever the ram is elevated by driving the lever down, several procedures are brought about simultaneously. If a ram is cycled, the shell plate begins to index.

Every shell is prepared for the subsequent process and the concluding round is set into a chute or a finished round bin. There are models that can automatically index or catalog while some require manual handling.

This kind of press is usually used by pistol users and it is also ideal for semi-automatic rifle shooters. It can also be used for bolt-action rifle loading. There are progressive reloader types which come with case feeder attachments.

It can automatically slot a case in the shell plate for every lever cycle, thus speeding up the reloading procedure. The case feeder varies from the manually-filled kind to motorized ones that can refill tubes by automatic means.

Before buying a reloading press, you have to find out which type fits your needs best. The single-stage press in general is a heavy structure with a solid steel composition and this kind is often manufactured to fit a particular caliber. This type will fit the needs of beginners and gun owners who are on a budget. This is also the reloader for you if you prioritize precision even if it means you have to put more time into the reloading procedure.

The turret reloading press is for you if you want something a bit faster compared to the single-stage press. This is suggested for reloading pistol and rifle bullets and is also ideal if you have concerns regarding precision.

The progressive reloading press or multi-stage reloading press meanwhile is an automatic unit. With just one pull of the single lever, the unit is capable of accomplishing a number of reloading functions simultaneously.

Even though this type of press is more effective compared to other kinds of presses, there is the risk of not having the accuracy and precision that is found on other kinds of reloading presses. This is something gun owners have to think about. The progressive kind is suggested for pistol owners who are into shooting bigger amounts of ammo.

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Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press Review

There are lots of reasons why every gun owner should reload his own ammo. These reasons range from saving money to saving rare ammunition.

If you are fond of hunting, plinking or target shooting, then it’s time to consider the benefits of reloading in your own home. Reloading is not that difficult but when it comes to certain reloading press units, it does take some of the user’s time and effort due to the cycles required to achieve.

However, it’s all in a day’s work and it is money saved in the long run. If you are on the hunt for a reloading press, here is a review of the Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press.


  • Single-stage model
  • Measures 8.6” x 19.2” x 3.6”
  • Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Can reload regular 2 ¾ shells and can be modified for 3-inch shells
  • Can reload as many as 200 shotgun shells per hour
  • Can hold 5 lbs. of shots
  • Affordable and straightforward model
  • Comes with accessories: 6 and 8-point crimp starters, steel sizing rings, primer guide, integrated aluminum-plated primer catcher, additional was guide, a screw and 2 bolts with locking nuts, 24 shot and powder bushings
  • Primer feeder available as optional feature


The Lee reloading business was established in 1958 and the company’s first well-known product is their Lee Loader, which is a shotgun shell press. By the ‘60s, the company has expanded their lineup of products with the addition of pistol and rifle reloaders.

While the market is brimming with presses as of late, lots of gun owners still rely on units made by Lee. Not only are Lee presses reliable and highly-functional, the manufacturer also makes sure to keep their models’ prices at a cost they can afford.

The Lee Precision II was designed to be reasonably priced so this makes it a great entry-level unit. It comes with a range of outstanding features too which makes the whole process easier for users.

One advantage of this product is that it offers excellent value for money. It is manufactured through strict standards by the company but still comes with an affordable price.

You will see its remarkable features come to play in the initial 100 reloaded shells. The process is made easier too and we have had no problems using it due to its uniform functioning and straightforwardness.

Furthermore, the unit generates shells of factory quality and is capable of performing a range of tasks including measuring the powder, seating wads, crimping 6 or 8 fold shells and accomplishing the final crimping task.

It is capable of taking in 2 ¾ inch shells which are the standard in the industry. It can also take in shells with a measurement of 3 inches. Lee also supplies a good number of bushings when you buy the device—they are for free and that is one nice advantage. These are molded bushings which only come from this manufacturer too.


While the unit has lots of advantages and many have praised the features it offers, one disadvantage of the device is the amount of time required. Single stage presses are only for individuals who are willing to devote a good amount of their time and effort into performing all of the cycles needed in order to complete a reload.

However, one great thing about having lots of time to oversee the work is that it allows users to practice better control over details. Detailed control over every reloading cycle shouldn’t be viewed as a burden but rather taken as a benefit.

Then again, you have to cover yourself when draining out the powder if you do not want spills to happen. This might be a bother for some but it’s just another step in order to maintain organization in your work area.


The Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press is an excellent device for beginners and experienced reloaders alike. It includes accessories that other presses lack, including molded bushings and crimp starters.

The product also comes with a guarantee that is good for 2 years plus a limited lifetime guarantee. The company has great customer service to boot, and while some will think that it is a minor thing, all gun owners need a customer service representative you can depend on in case of inquiries and troubles with the product.

If you want a dependable unit that is made in the US by a company with a superior reputation, you cannot go wrong with this single stage reloader model.

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